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Tantra and the tantric sex fundaments are frequently called “the sacred sex”. More than any kind of weird sexual practice, tantric sex is an ancient spiritual practice from the Eastern civilization, much more like Zen or Yoga than like masochism or bondage (as some people tend to put everything under the same brand). The famous book Kama Sutra presents us a rough idea of some of the basic concepts of Tantra.

Searching for enlightenment, Tantric sex practicians believed that orgasm and sexual energy when properly canalized might reach spiritual awareness as no other thing could. Today, unfortunately, many grass-roots concepts of Tantric sex were lost (even the real meaning of the word Tantra was lost in time). However, there are still real enthusiasts that believe in such ancient practice may bring further pleasure and self-awareness.

Perhaps the biggest curiosity about Tantric sex activities is the lack of orgasm. It seems weird that something that claims to be so pleasant ends up with no climax whatsoever, but that’s exactly the point. The pleasure and spiritual satisfaction reached through Tantra is so intense, that the orgasm simply becomes something secondary. Most of the positions used in Tantric sex exercises were in the Kama Sutra. Otherwise, the book never mentions it, as the focus of Kama Sutra was much more onto social and ethical aspects of the time.

Tantra instructors believed that in using breath (the main asset of Tantric exercises) a couple would be able to spread “orgasmic energy” throughout their entire body, instead of the genitalia alone. Proportioning a much more intense, complete and deeper pleasure.

Virtually, each and every person may practice Tantric sex, since the Tantra doesn’t restrict any of its lessons for “the chosen ones” only. It requires patience, discipline and understanding as of most Eastern activities demand. Reading works such as the Kama Sutra is also a good way to enrich comprehension.

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