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Perfurmed Garden History

The Arabic sex manual ever is called “The Perfumed Garden” its full title is The Perfumed Garden of the Soul’s Recreation - Er Roud el Âater p'nezaha el Khater, written by Sheikh Nefzaoui, probably at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The Perfumed Garden may resemble the world’s most famous erotic book, the Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana Mallanaga, but whoever gets to read both finds Nefzaoui’s book rather interesting as informative whose content of twenty two entertaining stories, pretty much alike the “Thousand and One Arabian Nights”.

The Nefzaoui’s book entails many humorous and surprising insights of the medieval Arabic Islamic Society as well as caresses and sex positions compendium. Of course, written in compliance with Mohamed’s (the Islamic Prophet) teaching.

While some people say that Nefzaoui wrote the Perfumed Garden, an urban legend explains this book appearance. Legend has it that an Arab writer was doom to die, ordered by the King of Tunes. Otherwise, under the condition given of writing a book capable of heating up his sovereign’s passions. So-wrote the author a book and gave it to his superior, who judged it as an extraordinary reading, saving his life.

In brief, the Perfumed Garden can be considered as a masterpiece of the Arabic literature, containing many ways to men and women engage in lovemaking. Apart from that, it offers a multitude of aphrodisiac potions that, according to the book, will surprise whoever tries it.   

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