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Kama Sutra: Mind And Body

With sexual matters vivid in mind from flicking through images of sexual positions in the Kama Sutra, we prompted our henchman to shed light on notions of aesthetics and sexuality.

To the best of our knowledge even masturbation mirrors on sexual aesthetics. When performing sex positions, aesthetics would dictate positively sexual outcome or ultimate failure. Let's see what our sex therapist in charge would have to say about it.

Currently, beauty medicine and treatment of physical flaws have improved by leaps and bounds. Fields of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and dermatology have provided real metamorphoses on individuals eager for changes in their bodies by seeking beauty and personal gratification.

Reasons for such boom on services promising-(and generally fulfill) beauty are innumerous and all of which certainly wouldn't fit in here.

With regards to sexuality, physical beauty plays important part, mainly for those men whose sight is the dominant sense and capable of triggering the process of sexual desire. Women with scarce physical attributes stand lesser chances to achieve a good male specimen, contrary to those whose head turning beauty abound likely to render any man beside himself with lust. Would it really be this way?

This remark seems to me by all means extremely shallow, given the innumerous variables, for each human being is an unique individual biologically speaking, and therefore eligible for taste differentials and preferences, all of which distinctive between themselves.

I believe that both, men and women possess sex appeal, which sometimes underlies in subtlety. So, it takes looking hard, and whoever looks for it, will find it sexually gratifying.

There are those who prefer bosom women so much so as there those who prefer small breasted women. This is just a silly example of how tastes might be enough to choose either one or another. Add to this example a myriad of variables in the human body and we'll get a wide range in combination of tastes. It entitles to say that everyone deserves a place under the sun for the sake of physical appreciation.

Absolutely, wellness is an interesting pursue in terms of human nature and it means to come to terms with your physical attributes and limitations, given that if you don't like yourself how you would expect others to do so.

However, it seems to me quite straight forward that in shape breasts and well round buttocks sticking out have no use if you're not in good terms with yourself. Such imbalance between mind and body is potentially harmful as there might posed an individual to blame one's body for any given mishap, looking for flaws in order to make up for it and sort it out.

Highly elucidative is the example of a couple in crises whose hubby moans about his wife's vagina being too slack. She in turn, in an attempt to solve a conjugal matter with quite complex roots, seeks out a gynecologist intending to have a perinoplasty done. Of which being indicated for urinary incontinency, but there can also render a vagina tighter.

No wonders that the real culprit isn't the vagina itself, but he made it all too easy by shifting the blame on her vagina for their sexual relation's failure. Obviously, correcting the so-called problem was by no means the most appropriate manner to solve it.

I always bring one point across that is the binominal mind-body should be in fine tune and if there is any imbalance in this synergism, let the mind preponderate. After all, sex lies in each one's head and not in the body.

By Darci L. D. Janarelli
Gynecologist and Sexual Therapist

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