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Written by Vatsyayana Mallanaga between the first and the sixth centuries, the KamaSutra is the most famous book of human sexual behavior. Mallanaga’s book is divided in 35 chapters divided in 7 groups. Instead of just 20% of the book approach the “sex” theme, the rest of it, is just as interesting, too. This is so because it talks about sexuality itself, which means that it includes love, in several chapters. This ancient Indian book made its way trough because people seem interested in its famous sex list positions contents. Some of them easy well thought after positions, but some others require a little bit more of technique. In the following there is a small and simplified preview of this standard work on love in the Sanskrit literature.
Genital Sex:
-Missionary Sex Position: The most famous and common position: man on top and woman at the bottom, with her legs spread, there is direct penetration;
-Feet on his shoulders Sexual Position: While man is kneeling, the woman rests her legs on his shoulders;
From Behind:
-Leapfrog Sex Position: It looks like the doggy position, but here, the woman’s torso is lower;
-Spread-Eagle Sex Position:  While the woman is laid and facing down, the man must be on top;
Woman on Top:
-Cowgirl Sexual Position: With the man lying down on his back, the woman sits on top facing him;
-Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position: The same as above, but in this position the woman faces away;
Sitting and Kneeling:
-Black Bee Sexual Position: The man sits on the floor with her hands behind him. The woman sits on top, with her hands on his shoulders;
-Watching the Game Sex Position: Man sits in a chair and the woman sits on top of him, face-to-face;
-Wheelbarrow Sexual Position: The woman must be lifted by something, so the man penetrates her, standing;
-Stand and Carry Sex Position: While the man, standing, holds the woman, she wraps her legs around his waist and holds on his shoulders.

The preview above is just a little few of the Kama Sutra’s content. Some more difficult positions of many kinds are found in the book.

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