About KamaSutra. Sex Positions and Pictures of Kama Sutra


The KamaSutra is commonly regarded as a simple list of sex positions, an illustrated guide showing different manners to get into sexual intercourse, many of them nearly impossible to achieve. Thanks to this common sense, many people believe the Kama Sutra being just plain pornography, what is in fact a complete misconception.

Although the real and original KamaSutra really presented a list of sex positions (64, to be precise) its focus was on the customs and ideas of the ancient India, portrayed by the author Vatsyayana. The question is that The Indian were such an erotic and sexually charged people that sex was not even close to be considered a crime, dirty or something wrong, it was just another part of the life of the common citizen. The rest of the Kama Sutra addresses how to live ethically in the Indian society and to have a good and healthy lifestyle, besides information on how to treat partners within the relationship, with no reference to sex positions at all.

The author of KamaSutra believed that sex was in fact something divine, to be respected, admired and celebrated. Some may claim that the Kama Sutra included some references to polygamy, but we have to keep in mind that it was completely accepted and understood at the time the Kama Sutra was written.

Even the part of the book that contains images of sex positions is not meant to be graphic, since it’s common in the Indian art to depict the genitalia in paintings or sculptures. More than a simple manual showing acrobatic sex positions as some people still consider the KamaSutra, it was a compendium of ideas of the ancient India, including positions that would help a couple to achieve a proper level of pleasure and intimacy.

The Kama Sutra, probably the most popular sex book ever written. By the time, The Kama Sutra was written (about 320-540 A.D.), it became an important document on sexual and social customs of ancient India. Not only its author Vatsyayana wrote about sex and love, but also its treatises left embedded a strong spiritual message.

But, what’s all about the Kama Sutra that continues to fascinating people throughout the ages until today? What value would such book have in our sexual life in the present time? In fact, most people disregard the cultural aspects that Kama Sutra had at the time. Currently, the only image of Kama Sutra positions people hold onto seemingly somewhat acrobatic, sometimes even impossible to perform. It seems that everything is about a certain thought of “I need to be a specialist, nail all the positions and so I’ll drive my partners crazy”. The focus is only on achieving some impossible Kama Sutra position and reach a mind-blowing orgasm. There is lack of understanding about control of your personal sexuality and arousal levels. Tantric sex,mutual masturbation using modern day's self pleasure tools is often forgotten. However, they are the primary keys to successfully pleasuring yourself and your partner.

Arguably, it’s not necessarily wrong to browse on the web looking for popular websites with plenty of Kama Sutra pictures, or online Kama Sutra, although people miss an important part of a lecture this book could teach us. Mostly if trying to perform the Kama Sutra positions we should focus on the intimacy, closeness of relationship itself other than just sexual intercourse.

It is obvious, you may impress your partner by coming up with a lot of crazy ideas in bed, but what’s next? What’s the point of memorizing an entire Kama Sutra book when lagging other essential characteristics of  a steady and healthy relationship upkeep? However based on sex and physical attraction, having a little more to offer may bring in interesting results as well.

There’s the popular notion of Kama Sutra as something exotic, which inspires people reaching out for something new and mysterious (the same thing happens between sexuality and exotic cuisines, somehow).

Feel free to explore your sexuality when browsing on the web, whether searching for a virtual Kama Sutra or buying a Kama Sutra book. But don’t forget that there’s much more than just a collection of positions to turn you into a real Don Juan.