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Kiss Meanings

 That a kiss means the world, itís an old hat.
 Kissing is either an action or response to touch, by pressing the lips up against any part of the human body, animal or even some praised object of perhaps symbolic prize. When it comes to someone elseís lips it might as well include some suction-pressure motions. A kiss is a display of affection, tenderness and sexual response. Itís a manner of giving reassurance when the words arenít up for grabs.
 A kiss means something quite deep, rather cozy, which could be quite enticingly, once it naturally approaches two individuals who longed for some sexual liaison.
 The kiss of a couple in homebound intimacies got very little to do with that in which two lovers steamed over each otherís under the dimmed lit of a club or pub. Tandem is rendered peculiar that French kiss between two mates, however every single kiss imbues a thoughtful gesture that forebodes proximity and a certain affinity in personal fabrics. Envelopes diverse guises, alias, a kiss is the demonstration of affection most widely diffuse in the world. The kind of rapport thereís between people while kissing can only be defined by its intensity and intent, which could denote a loving relationship, of formality, or familial.
 The kiss, in the current state of affairs, no longer means any hint of compromising. Given that anything goes in the make out of todays but doesnít mean a thing, regardless of the degree of compromising reached, other than wishful thinking. Thatís the reason why kids upon acquaintance and after longer and wetter kisses would weigh the odds for closing the chapter. Even though a kiss may only mean a night stand, its consequences might linger further beyond.
 Through kissing, certain sexual diseases such as syphilis, claps and most unlikely AIDS, since nothing is proved on grounds scientific, there might be transmitted if exchanging bodily fluids ever.
 A kiss no matter how enticing might be doesnít mean commitment, still leading into a heighten state and fulfillment of their sexual craves, hence the intimate approach.
 This comes as one of the primary reasons by which kissing means such a pleasant experience all round, so well-sipped into the world.
 The amount of nervous endings located in the square surrounding the mouth and nostrils is what bores the core of sexual pleasure. Nevertheless, nervous endings alone arenít enough to turn a kiss into bliss. Much is due also by the mood that those receiving it would be in sexually wise.
 An ideal kiss stands for the attempt to pass on some good vibration. And it too is worthwhile to be secure of oneself and what is meaning to say as well as sass out what the other is after. A good way of getting the hang of it is by practicing with own bodily assets. An arm or hand serves for learning how to kiss properly or even sucking on an orange would help a great deal. I myself would rather suck on the male sex as if kissing their upper lips. A kiss means reciprocative and sexiness and depending on the stage of arousal even sexual climax reaching.
 A kiss is utterly meaningful, intimate, sexual wise, affective bonded and turns into such pristine communication linkage when the words seem not to roll on the tip of the tongue.
 Kissing is good for thy, go for it.
Adriana Sommer

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