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Ananga Ranga History

Often compared to the Kama Sutra, written by the sage Vatsyayana Mallanaga between the 1st and the 6th centuries, the Ananga Ranga by Kaliana Malla, written 1.000 years post the Kama Sutra, in 1172. Its treatises specifically prevent wife and husband’s separation. Ananga Ranga probably means husband and wife, a book composed of erotica artwork and even some parts of the Kama Sutra itself.

Malla wrote this book because he believed that the husband and wife separation only occurs in consequence of monotony and the hard feeling of possession. He also said that marriage only ends because men and women need variety in pleasure. Trying to help couples to get along and keep together, Malla wrote this book, also as a way to keep relationship heated up.

The Ananga Ranga book offers extensive list of sexual activities, and in a very detailed way, how to make it as pleasurable as it can get,. Along with the book, Malla talks not only about sex, but about man and women as a very explorable thing; he often quotes their qualities, characteristics, temperaments and, in a specific part, all kinds of women that exist.

When explaining sexual techniques, a full list of positions and ways of having sex and satisfy you and your partner, is by the author offered. He teaches ways of kissing, exciting foreplays and many ways of penetrative sex. 

There are sex positions popularly practiced by the vast majority, but also details of the not-so-usual requiring a bit of practice. As the “Elixir Position” where the woman lies on her back and the man squats on both feet. He places both hands under her lower back and draws her to him in close embrace. She returns his affection by grasping his neck. In this position, they make love by gently rocking to and fro. Several kissing techniques too, like the Samahastakakeshagrahana, or "holding her hair with both hands". When the husband encloses it between his two palms behind his wife's head, at the same time kissing her lower lip.

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