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Written around the I and the VI centuries by Vatsyayana Mallanaga, the Ananga Ranga due to its content regarded as the Indian love manual,  which Mallanaga describes beautifully concerned about details. A huge list for men and women to enjoy passion in sex games fully. Also, it gives tips on exploring sex in that not just a quick moment of intercourse itself, but means of aphrodisiac love-philters, sex positions and all about good quality sex as relevant issues.
Further, there is a brief list of sex positions explained,
-Squashing the Deckchair sex position: Woman laid down legs pulled up and man on top, holding her legs up,
- Frogleap sex position: a variant of the “Doggy” style. Here, her torso placed lower than her chest line, otherwise known as “face down ass up”;
-Reverse cowgirl sex position: While he lies down on his back, she straddles on top of him, facing away from him. The bonus here is that she can stimulate his genitals, as he admires her back figure;
-Furniture sex position: Woman sits on the edge of furniture, with sprawled legs. Reclining, she awaits her man to penetrate her. Man stands or kneels, depending on furniture size, supporting her legs with his arms, while penetrating her,
-Stand and carry sex position: standing up, he holds her as she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms embrace his shoulders;
-Daisy chain sex position: a position that requires a third party; it is a sexual position for group sex: as in group of men, women or something in between, laid in the bed sideways, performing oral sex on the next body, forming a human chain;
-69 sex position: Simultaneous oral sex. It can be performed side by side or with one of the couple on top. In Kama Sutra is known as “Congress of the Crow”

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